“Are you here to destroy my lawn?! Oh, you wish to see the Wolf’s collection of vore stories. Very well! But be warned. You must abide by a few rules. Or taste my wrath!


“Firstly you agree that these stories belong to the author and the author alone. You agree not to edit, redistribute, plagiarize, or otherwise dismantle these stories without the express permission of said author. Breaking this rule will result in termination with the Missiles of Unmentionable Terror!*


“Second, you must not be breaking the law in any way! If the local laws of your city, county, state, country or home planet forbid you from viewing adult content due to your age and/or geographical location, you must leave now! These stories have a great deal of adult content and are not for minors. Also if you continue and suddenly become offended at the material because you did not listen, the Wolf is not responsible for your foolishness. Abide by this or feel the Sword of Eternal Fear!*


“Also, you must realize (though it should be obvious to even the simplest carbon-based life-form) that this is fantasy and not reality. What happens in these stories cannot even physically occur in many cases in this dimension and even those unsavory acts that could occur are a bad idea. If you really think that any of this is real or that any form of violence against another is appropriate in the real world, then you must seek professional help immediately! Or you may suffer from the Orbs of Utter Devastation!*


“Finally, though it is not technically a rule, you should probably know what vore is before you enter this site. If you have stumbled upon this page by accident and have never heard of vore you should be aware that it is a sexual fetish involving predation. Usually here, this means one person or other sentient life-form swallowing another whole and alive somewhere in the narrative. More information will be available if you so choose. You have been warned!


“Now that you know the rules, you may pick your course. If you are undaunted and would see the stories, you may enter the Wolf’s den. Otherwise, flee before me!”







*Of course we don’t actually have any of these items, and I wouldn’t actually get violent anyways, but I will think nasty thoughts about you if you don’t abide by this. Oh such nasty thoughts will they be!


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