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I'm really pushing to catch up with my backlog, putting up another big update, this time with 103 clips being added to the "New Clips" tab.
This has another mixture of new and old clips, and just a heads-up that there is once again quite a few hard vore and off-screen scenes in the movies.
The entire update consists of the following.
  • 14 Animated TV Show clips
  • 5 Anime TV clips
  • 1 Animated Movie clips
  • 22 Live Action Foreign Movie clips
  • 43 Live Action American Movie clips
  • 7 Live Action TV Show clips
  • 8 TV Commercials clips.
  • 3 Other Assorted clips
There were also a handful of older, 320x240 clips I updated to 640x480, so I'm widdling away at those as well; and I moved the "New Clips" which were 2 months old, out to their individual Category tabs.
Enjoy until the next update.


Another big update, this time with 90 clips being added to the "New Clips" tab this time, consisting of the following.
  • 26 Animated TV Show clips
  • 2 Animated Movie clips
  • 5 Live Action Foreign Movie clips
  • 19 Live Action Movie clips
  • 4 Live Action TV Show clips
  • 31 Real Life Documentary clips.
  • 3 Animal Yawning clips
I had also updated about a dozen more of the older 320x240 clips to 640x480, but those will be found in the various, individual tabs.

Most of these clips are still from VHS captures which I had never uploaded before and unfortunately, a large number of the live-action scenes are either off-screen and/or hard vore, with very few having full, on-screen swallowing.

Enjoy until the next update.


A huge update with 84 clips being added to the "New Clips" tab this time, consisting of the following.
  • 18 Animated TV Show clips
  • 5 Anime TV Show clips
  • 14 Live Action Foreign Movie clips
  • 9 Live Action Movie clips
  • 12 Live Action TV Show clips
  • 24 Real Life Documentary clips.
  • 2 Animal Yawning clips
Clips which were more than a month old, have been moved from the New Clips tab to their individual categories.

Enjoy until the next update.


Another big update with 43 clips being added to the "New Clips" tab.

This update consists of an assortment of Live Action and Animated scenes from TV shows and Movies.

These are still captures from VHS tapes, so the quality will be what it is. Enjoy until the next update.


There have been a lot of monster movies out of China these past few years, and this latest update consists of 45 clips from 15 of these movies into the "New Clips" tab.

Unfortunately, as with American movies, a lot of these have the scene cutting away right at the vore part, or placed in dark settings to perhaps mask lower quality CGI.
But they are all entertaining in their own way, and some are indeed quite enjoyable. It's always a delight to see giant snakes and crocodiles eating people.
Enjoy and I will be having some newer movie clips uploaded soon.


Another big update, this time uploading 40 clips to the "New Clips" tab.
CELEBRATION!!! This puts my gallery at just over 1000 video clips!

These are another assortment of RL, live-action and animated vore clips which were part of the huge backlog I'm making my way through.
Enjoy and I will be having some newer movie clips uploaded soon.


I uploaded another 15 video clips to the "New Clips" tab.

These are an assortment of RL and animated clips that are part of the huge backlog of clips I'm making my way through.
Enjoy and I hope to upload more soon.


Added some new clips from 2 Chinese movies from 2020: "Alien Invasion" and "Crocodile Island".
The creature in Alien Invasion is a pretty awesome blob-like creature, and the Monster Crocodile in Crocodile Island has some wonderful maw shots.


Phase 2 process and quality:
  • The original clips were captured on VHS tapes by recording entire over-the-air and cable TV shows back in the late 90's and early 2000's, and then searching through these for any Vore scenes.
  • This was usually done at SP speed (2 hours recording time), but sometimes was done as SLP (6 hour recording time) which had a lower quality.
  • These original, source VHS tapes were re-used many times, as I had no desire to keep all of these entire episodes.
  • Any found Vore scenes were then dubbed over to another VHS tape, copying over only the Vore segment. The dubbings were always done onto tapes recorded in SP mode.
  • Eventually (ie: years later), these VHS tapes were converted to DVD, using a consumer-grade Go-Video machine.
  • These DVDs were then ripped on the computer into compressed AVI files at the VHS resolution of 640x480.
  • Finally, these AVI files are being converted to MP4 files.

So, the final quality is the result of many factors, from the original, analog transmission quality, to the various dubbings.
While higher quality digital formats of Movies and TV shows can now be found to replace these originals with, the majority of the documentary footage is no longer available.


Phase 1 has been completed, with all of the existing MPG clips having been converted to MP4 and uploaded. I will now be working on updating the files to higher quality versions. This is what will take some time.

NOTE: Everything is working fine for on Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers; but I am having issues on Internet Explorer and Edge with regard to scrollbars functioning within HMTL <div> elements. I will continue to investigate what the issues might be with IE and Edge and apply any patches accordingly.


Welcome to the revamped, Rodent's Vore Videos page.

Please note the new URL of instead of "mpgs".

The changes here will happen in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Replace all MPG files with the MP4 file format so they can be directly streamed from the site
  • Phase 2: Replace the old 360x240 resolution with larger file dimensions for better resolution
  • Phase 3: Add new videos which I have been accumulating

When this site was first created 20 years ago, the best file format which was universal to all operating systems was MPG. I went with a non-streaming format because of Monthly download caps which would shut the site down for the remainder of the month if reached.

A resolution of 320x240 was used because of very limited HD space available from hosting sites. The majority of these current videos were ripped from VHS tapes, which has a resolution of 640x480, so replacing the older files, particularly documentary footage, will only have that resolution.

In most cases, I will upload clips no larger than DVD quality (720x480) due to hosting site HD space and Monthly Bandwidth restrictions, which still exist, though are much higher than they used to be.
(I am not going to use youtube in order to have complete control over what I can put up.)

The MP4 converted clips which still have a 320x240 resolution, will have their Captions marked with "(mpg)" in the name, to flag what has not yet been updated. This designation will be removed as they are replaced with a higher resolution, and the associated thumbnail images on each video will likewise be replaced with a higher resolution.

NOTE: It will take some time to get through making all of these updates, so please bear with me. The original VHS files were originally ripped as AVI files, which must now be converted to MP4s and there are over 1000 files to process.