News & Updates


Added a couple of clips from the movie Snake Outta Compton. It's a parody/spoof movie that is actually pretty good, even if everything about it is stupid. But that's what these types of movies are supposed to be like.


I haven't updated in a while, but I did just add a scene from Alien Incursion to the "New Clips" tab. It was difficult to find a copy of this 2006 movie, but I finally managed to do so. Unfortunately, it only had one real vore scene.


Added the scene from the new Jurassic World movie, where Zara is picked up by a pteranodon and dropped into the large pool where the mosasaurus is kept, resulting in the best vore scene of the movie.
Also added a few clips from the TV-movie, "3-Headed Shark Attack". While a typical B-movie, it did have some of the best Shark effects that I've seen in the past 10 years.


Added in a short clip from the TV show, Contstantine, where we get an off-screen devouring of a human, by an almost serpent-like demon.


I love the kaiju monsters from Pacific Rim, and even though they missed out on so much potential for tons of vore, they did at least have one scene. So, I grabbed that scene, even if it wasn't the best quality out there yet.


Dinocroc vs. Supergator update.
The SyFy channel premiered Dinocroc vs. Supergator this weekend, so I managed to get captures of the vore scenes There were 8 scenes, with some better than others, and a lot of missed opportunities throughtout. But, at least it's something new to enjoy.


Sorry for taking so long, but I managed to use my Memorial Day weekend to put together another update. This one consists of 21 clips over a variety of themes.
I know there are a lot of more recent scenes that need to be captured yet, and I am working on them. One of these days, I'll get to all of them. Until then, enjoy these continued updates.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I put together another small up date of 15 clips for people to enjoy. This consists of scenes from movies, documentaries and cartoons.
Of biggest note for this one, is probably the scene from Where The Wild Things Are, where KW swallows Max. It's a little dark, but otherwise of fairly good quality. Enjoy.


Trying to work on getting some updates going again, where I'll do smaller, 5-10 vore clips at a time. This will keep the bandwidth usage down, as compared to suddenly uploading 20+ clips.
For this one, I uploaded 7 Samurai Jack clips that I had available, as well as couple of other cartoon scenes. Please note that 2 of the Samurai Jack clips are very large in size (40 and 53 MB each), so please do not download those multiple times if you can avoid doing so.


Due to a request I had seen, I uploaded 2 other scenes from Ice Age 3 into the "New Clips" section. One has a mammal be forced to slide into a baby T-Rex's mouth and the other has Buck telling a story of how he escaped from Rudy the Spinosaurus' maw.
While I did the conversion from AVI to MPG, the edits are not mine, so I am unable to provide longer clips of these scenes, if they show anything more of interest to anyone.


Things have been pretty busy for me lately, but I did manage to throw up a couple of new clips. A Plant vore scene from Ice Age 3; a low-quality scene from the new movie "Shorts"; and a nice swallowing scene from the Simpson's 21st season opener.
I will continue to be working on getting other clips up as time allows, though I can't promise anything on how quickly that might be. Until then, enjoy these couple of scenes for now.


2 clips from the new Land of the Lost movie added to the "New Clips" tab. Ripped from a bootleg copy of the movie it is of slightly lower quality, so I decided to leave the files at the large size of 640x344.
If you have not seen the movie and do not wish to have any spoilers, than I suggest you not watch these clips. Otherwise, enjoy.


Another update to keep things fresh around here. This one contains another 24 clips, located in the "New Clips" tab. Most of them are from cartoons, but there are a few Real Life clips in there as well.
I hope everyone enjoys these clips and there are still plenty more to follow.


Well, it's been a while, but I finally found the time to complete the next update. This one includes 36 clips from various categories, so that hopefully there is something here for everyone.
Because it's been nearly 6 months since the last update, all of the previous clips that were within the 'New' category have been moved to their respective folders.
As always, enjoy these clips and please be mindful of the bandwidth limits on this server, and keep from downloading the same clips multiple times on the same day. These clips will still be here tomorrow.


Just a small update this time, in response to a few requests and to usher in the first day of Autumn as it hits tomorrow. For this one, 6 clips were added to the "New Clips" at the top of the page.
First was to host the 2 clips from the 2005 TV movie Mysterious Island, that was supplied to me by Corso. As with all of my clips, I have converted then from an AVI to an MPG, but they are otherwise as he had sent them to me.
Next was a request for 2 clips that involve a child being eaten, from Feast and Snakes on a Train. Having both of these movies on DVD, I ripped the requested scenes and uploaded them.
Finally, to fill out an even 2 rows of 3 clips each, I ripped the opening trailer from the DVD of the movie Shark Swarm, which shows clips from other of their 'Maneater' series; as well as a scene from the movie Aracnia, which had a nice, low-budget scene of a man being torn in two by 2 giant, hungry spiders.


And now, a very GRIM update...
That's right, an update consisting entirely of clips from "The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy".
The first 'themed' update, this one consists of 21 clips from 16 different episodes, totalling 185 MB in size. Because of such a large update all at once, I ask people to be conscious of the bandwidth limits on the server and not download the same clips multiple times on the same day.
The clips aren't going anywhere, so you can always watch them again tomorrow. Thank you for your consideration.
All of these new clips can be found under the "New Clips" tab. Enjoy.


Summer is nearing it's end, with a lot of people I know heading back to school. So, to help ease that pain and give people something to enjoy over the upcoming Labor Day weekend,
I'm closing out August with another 15 clips to the New folder. That's 39 total clips for the month, so I hope that's enough to give everyone something to enjoy in there.


Well, not happy with only uploading 12 clips after such a long stretch of time, I'm uploading another 12. So, 24 clips in just over a week's time will hopefully keep people happy for a little while, until the next update.


It's been a while since the last update, but I was able to get at least this small one done. It consists of 12 clips from a few Movies and Cartoons, and can all be found under the New tab.
The previous clips under that tab have been moved to their respective categories. Also, I have expanded the individual tabbed screens to now include 60 clips per page, instead of only 15.
This should make navigation a little easier, having less pages to go through.


Easter Update
Happy Easter. Sorry for the long delay, but I put together another update of my older clips. This update consists of 55 clips on the following sections:

  • TV - Animated (7 clips on page 9)
  • Movies - Lives Action (16 clips on pages 12 & 13)
  • Real Life - Sharks (2 clips on page 2)
  • Real Life - Snakes (30 clips on pages 6 & 7)

  • 2008-01-05

    With things settled down and the holidays over, it's time to start off the new year with another update. This one consists of another 45 of the older clips, added to the following sections:

  • Movies - Lives Action (30 clips on pages 10 & 11)
  • TV - Animated (15 clips on page 8)

  • 2007-11-03

    After taking 3 weeks to do a long-overdue update to my gaping maws page, I finally got back to these MPGs with another update of older clips. This one consists of 63 clips added to the sections below.
    (as with all older clips, these were not added to the 'New' section, but rather to the individual sections listed here)

  • Movies - Live Action (15 clips on page 9)
  • Real Life - Crocs-Gators (14 clips on page 2)
  • TV - Animated (30 clips on pages 6 & 7)
  • TV - Commercials (4 clips on page 2)

  • 2007-09-17

    Well, I got around to another update. This one includes 30 more clips of Animated TV shows. They can be found on pages 4 and 5 of the section:

  • TV - Animated (30 clips on 2 pages)

  • 2007-08-27

    Taking a break from putting up only older clips, I added a few new clips to the 'New Clips' tab.


    After a number of updates with RL vore, it seems like a good time to get back to some good old Hollywood vore. In this case, it's back to some live-action TV shows, adding in another 36 clips at 311 MB worth of vorish goodness.

    The following section has been updated:

  • TV - Live Action (36 clips on 3 pages)

  • 2007-07-15

    Well, it's been a while since the last update, but I have my new hard drive installed and am back at work with uploading the clips once again. This updated includes 62 more of my older clips, mostly being Snakes as predators, which I've been neglecting for a while now. The 2 Spider clips are currently the only spiders as preds clips I currently have, so I thought it was about time to put those up, for all you arachnophobes.

    The following sections have been updated:

  • Movies - Live Action (15 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Snakes (45 clips on 3 page)
  • Real Life - Spiders (2 clips on 1 page)

  • 2007-06-07

    Another update to keep things moving along. Once again, these clips have been added to a few of the categories that were still empty, so that there would be something for anyone who visits. This update has 29 clips in the following categories:

  • Real Life - Mammals (4 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Mollusks (10 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Sharks & Whales (15 clips on 1 page)

  • 2007-05-26

    Two updates in two days. I hope this helps make up for the long delay. This update adds in 31 clips to the 'Real Live - Lizards' category. I know I had said I was going to go with more snakes, but then I realized some of the categories still had no entries in them yet. So, I figured that I would get to them, first.

    The current breakdown of vore clips now consists of 414 clips in the following categories:
  • New (10 clips)
  • TV - Anime (13 clips on 1 page)
  • TV - Animated (45 clips on 3 pages)
  • TV - Commercials (15 clips on 1 page)
  • TV - Livs Action (15 clips on 1 page)
  • Movies - Anime (7 clips on 1 page)
  • Movies - Animated (25 clips on 2 pages)
  • Movies - Live Action (105 clips on 7 pages)
  • Misc - Animated (23 clips on 2 pages)
  • Misc - Live Action (10 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Bears (1 clip on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Birds (38 clips on 3 pages)
  • Real Life - Canines (3 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Crocs & Gators (15 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Felines (4 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Fish (19 clip on 2 pages)
  • Real Life - Frogs (5 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Lizards (31 clips on 3 pages)
  • Real Life - Snakes (30 clips on 2 page)

  • 2007-05-24

    Well, I was finally able to get another small update done. I apologize for the delay and hopefully I'll be able to do more soon. There's 30 new clips added to the category:

  • Movies - Live Action (30 clips on 6th & 7th pages)

  • 2007-04-08

    A small Easter update. Been a bit busy in RL lately, so I apologize for it taking 2 weeks to get this next update done. There's 50 new clips in the following categories:

  • Movies - Live Action (15 clips on 5th page)
  • TV - Animated (15 clips on 3rd page)
  • Real Life - Frogs (5 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Snakes (15 clips on 2nd page)

  • 2007-03-25

    Another small update, this one of 42 Real Life clips in the following categories:

  • Real Life - Birds (23 clips on 2 pages)
  • Real Life - Fish (19 clips on 2 pages)

  • (Note that sharks and whales will be in their own category when I get to uploading those clips)


    49 clips added to the following categories:

  • Movies - Live Action (15 clips on 4th page)
  • TV - Commercials (15 clips on 1 page)
  • TV - Live Action (15 clips on 1 page)
  • Real Life - Felines (4 clips on 1 page)

  • 2007-03-11

    Another update to break the 200 video clip barrier.
    That's right. With the addition of the following 34 clips, that brings this site to 207 video clips.
    These are all RL vore clips; as I've been neglecting them for a while and I'm sure there are others here that have been looking forward to more than just Movies and Animation. So, I thought it was time to add in some more RL vore clips.
    The following categories now have clips added to them:

  • Real Life - Bears (1 clip)
  • Real Life - Birds (15 clips)
  • Real Life - Canines (3 clips)
  • Real Life - Crocs & Gators (15 clips)

  • 2007-03-09

    For all you cartoon lovers, I added in the first 30 of the cartoon vore I have. There's still a lot more to follow, but it's a start.
    This brings the current total to just over 170 clips on the sight so far.

  • TV - Animated (30 clips on 2 pages)

  • 2007-02-25

    Another small update of 40 clips. More to follow when I see how the bandwidth usage goes.

  • Movies - Animated (10 clips put on 2nd page)
  • Movies - Live Action (30 clips on 2 new pages)

  • 2007-02-10

    Current update status of folders with video clips:

  • New Clips (10 clips)
  • TV - Anime (13 clips)
  • Movies - Anime (7 clips)
  • Movies - Animated (15 clips)
  • Movies - Live Action (15 clips)
  • Misc - Animated (23 clips - 2 pages)
  • Misc - Live Action (10 clips)
  • Real Life - Snakes (15 clips)

  • More updates will continue to be posted, though it may be a few extra days as I have other RL things to take care of first. Thank you for your patience as I continue to work on these updates.


    Added a 2nd page to the Misc - Animated collection and the first 15 of the Movies - Animated.

  • Misc - Animated
  • Movies - Animated

  • 2007-02-05

    Updated the RL Snakes category with the first 15 of the snakes as predators clips.

  • Real Life - Snakes

  • 2007-01-31

    Added in the first 15 clips to the Misc Animated section. These are mostly excerpts from flash clips found online that were converted to MPGs. I'll be looking into doing some RL vore clips next, probably starting off with the Snake's secion.

    To date, the sections that now have clips include:
  • New Clips
  • TV - Anime
  • Movies - Anime
  • Movies - Live Action
  • Misc - Animated

  • 2007-01-26

    Added in 9 clips from some of the current movies out there, including "The Host", "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Primeval". I highly recommend people to go see "Pan's Labyrinth" if they are interested in just seeing a good movie; though I must warn you that it is not an up-beat, family movie. Also, it's in Spanish, so be prepared to read subtitles. "The Host" is out of South Korea and they have some fantastic monster CGI in this. Much better than what we've seen in the recent made-for TV movies on the Sci-Fi Channel, and over-all, the acting appears to be a lot better as well. I'm really looking forward to when this one is released in the U.S. As for Primeval, the copy I found was pretty poor, way too dark over-all and one of the attack scenes at the middle of the movie, had people standing up and blocking the camera at the best parts, so I didn't include that scene at all. Anyway, enjoy the clips.

    These clips can be found under the "New Clips" tab.


    Added in the first 15 of the Live Action movie clips. More will follow (obviously), but once again, we'll see how the bandwidth usage goes. Whenever possible, please download the full-sized clips to your hard drive and watch it from there, rather than downloading the same clip multiple times, every time you wish to watch it. Or, use the Preview clips in place of the full-sized clips, as they use approximately 1/10 the bandwidth.

    These clips can be found in the section:
  • Movies - Live Action

  • 2007-01-19

    Bandwidth Exceeded on 2007-01-18

    Okay. I just wanted to assure people that the 'account suspended because bandwidth exceeded' message that appeared on the website yesterday, was not caused by the restart of the video page. There was a folder on the server I had forgotten to disable hotlinking to, and an outside link attracted over 14,000 hits in a time span of less than 12-hours.

    Fortunately, the host I use monitors bandwidth on a daily basis, rather than monthly, so when the daily bandwidth is passed, the site is only shut down until it resets at the start of the new day. The bandwidth usage appears to be back down to its normal level, so there should be no fear of it happening again anytime soon, but should it happen, you merely have to wait for the next day and everything will be back up again.


    Welcome to the relaunching of the all new Rodent's Vore MPGs page.

    In order to ensure that a flood of new MPGs does not result in the site's bandwidth being exceeded, the video clips will be added back in over a period of time. The rate at which this is done will depend on the bandwidth usage. Once the downloads of the current set of files has dropped to a sufficient, daily level, new clips will be added.

    The current list of sections that contain clips is:
  • TV - Anime
  • Movies - Anime

  • This site was set up to work on an 800x600 display, but it is recommended visitors use resolutions of at least 1024x768.