B & Mr W Bad Luck.mpg
- This one had Brandy trying to show that superstition is not real by showing that a black cat crossing your path is not bad luck... tempting fate? ya, that's going to go well for her.

B&MW Leapord Vore.mpg
- Here we have Mr. Wiskers making mistakes, and getting eaten in the process. ;) Too bad it just seems no one can stomach him.

B&Mr. W Mice vs Fish.mpg
- In this episode, Brandy wanted to cut down a tree everyone else in the forest didn't want cut. Eventually she decides not to, but some mice end up doing it themselves, then nature shows why you don't mess with it.

Billy and Mandy Fluffy Cat.mpg
- I don't know the situation on this episode since I only caught it shortly before the scene... but it has an oversized hungry cat, so it can't be that bad.

Calico Colored Guinea Pig.mpg
- I know it ain't quite vore, but I know at least the rodents will like this.

Calico Colored Guinea Pig v2.mpg
- Ok, for the most part it's the same, but the funny thing is I bet they changed the ad because the other one seemed too violent or somthing, somehow, I don't think this was an improvement on the desturbing meter.

M & LPartners in Time vore.mpg
- This is actully from the Show Xplay, about the only way most can ever get Nintendo DS footage.
- To explain the opening bit, Since it's a clip of a larger review, they make a connection that babies are the deadliest thing on the planet since the more babies there are, the more deaths there are... thus why Mario and Luigi need baby versions of themselves in the game to fight alongside them. Silly... yes, but it does fit the show too.
- As for the vore, There's a huge Yoshi... and well.. I think everyone knows what happens then.

Midnight Spank Vore.mpg
- A bumper for the program block mentioned before, all silly for the most part.

Oddparents shark vore.mpg
- Up next, a bit from Fairly Odd Parents. From an episode where Timmy is supposed to be in a Fairy reality show. If this happened more in those snore fests, I might watch them.

Spiderman vs a Dino.mpg
- From Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, this just proves that no one should mess with a T-Rex.

The ugly Princess.mpg
- Another one I wouldn't have caught if I didn't have a DVR. I was flipping channels and came on Nicktoons and this is from one of their short subjects that they run between shows. I caught is midway, but I'd believe that the dragon was sick on the princess before hand. Go ahead and take a look...

Xiaolin Showdown The Hungry Dojo.mpg
Xiaolin Showdown The Hungry Dojo2.mpg
Xiaolin Showdown The Hungry Dojo3.mpg
Xiaolin Showdown The Hungry Dojo4.mpg
- From Xiaolin Showdown, I think this episode was mentioned before, but I don't think anyone made clips, so here they are. This is from an episode where Dojo, their dragon friend, goes berzerk and well, gets a taste of the monks.


Billy and Mandy Balloon Clown

Grim brings a toy clown head to life witch then finds some balloons to make body with, then it gets hungery J


House of Mouse Shark Feeding

Goofy feeds a shark…. Well, I'm sure you can figure out the rest