Welcome to my world of vorish interests, whether they be the feeding habits of my pets, man-eating beasts in historical art and artifacts, vore related stories I have written or vore themed models and minatures. Much is related to dragons, of course, or those more familiar creatures like crocodilians and giant lizards that have help inspire the legends of dragons. I apologize that there still isn't much to see, but do come back again and hopefully find something new. If you have similar things you'd like to add to the collection contact rodent.


Feeding Time, RL Vore of my reptile pets

Monitor and Snake. Here we see "the last foot" of a nearly five foot snake swallowed tail first by an over five foot long black throat monitor, a creature reminiscent of his bigger cousin the Komodo Dragon.
Monitor eating Snake 1
Monitor eating Snake 2
Monitor eating Snake 3
Black Throat Monitor and a large squirrel.
Monitor eating Squirrel 1
Monitor eating Squirrel 2
American Alligator and white lab bunny.
Gator eating Rabbit
Dog snacking on some pinkie and young bunnies.
Dog eating bunny pinkie 1
Dog eating bunny pinkie 2
Dog eating bunny Pinkie 3
Dog eating baby rabbit


Vore-themed historical art and artifacts

Here we see a replica of a real medieval candlestick of the 12th or 13th century, the original of which was found in the ruins of a castle in Germany. The candle sticks on the spike at the top and the base is the form of a dragon swallowing a live knight praying to God for forgiveness. I researched and helped sculpt the original in clay, and from the master this one and others were sand-cast in brass like the originals. Dragon-vore was a popular them in medieval art, and more original and reconstructions will be posted here in the future.
Dragon Candle


Models and minatures

This is a photo of your host in his 15th century German armor, umm "borrowed" from a knight who no longer needed it. His wings stretch to out to a twelve foot span. The horns are real horn, and the spines and teeth are rell bone. The skin is mostly real leather.
Dragon Knight Costume


Vore stories